Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Deconstruction Begins

Nothing too significant so far, just tearing out carpet and removing a door and wall. We are doing this to combine the two small offices into one larger room which will be the tasting room. For reference, the offices are approximately 10' x 10' so we will have about 200 sq. ft. of tasting room when complete. Here are what the tiny cubicals looked like. 

Removing the carpet was easy. Until I found out that below the carpet was... more carpet? Yep, it appears that if your carpet gets horribly dirty and you don't want to clean and/or vacuum it, you can just put another carpet over the top of it. The first layer came up great but the second layer is glued to the concrete and miscellaneous linoleum remnants.

The door and frame were a breeze as well.

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