Thursday, August 25, 2011

TTB Interview

So we had our TTB phone interview this morning. A few minor corrections but nothing significant. The usual questions of course:

New brewery or existing;   business experience;   building construction and security;   building owner and local governments aware;   excise taxes;   etc....

The only other thing pending is ABC and TTB approval.

On another note, yesterday we purchased our walk-in cooler: We will pick it up and install it next Monday. Here are the pics of it (not our site).

It is a small cooler, only 10' x 6'. A perfect size for us and will allow for ~9' of taps behind the bar.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Dolls

So we received our ladies' T's (or baby dolls as most refer to them). We went ahead and brought in some color to our monochrome world and got pink, aqua, red, and blue in addition to black and grey. We currently have small, medium and large. All have light grey artwork.

In contrast with the men's T's, it was unanimously suggested that they not get a left chest and rear artwork but instead get a centered chest artwork.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pint Glasses

Our pint glasses got delivered today. For those purists out there, we are aware that it is not a true pint and is technically called a "mixing glass" but it is the glass we like.

We couldn't decide on whether to do the artwork in black or white so we went ahead and got glasses with each.

As you can see the front is our logo and the back is phrasing and location.

Disclaimer: no beer was wasted for the purpose of this photography. I have a hard time dumping good (any) beer so I had to drink the pale ale and black ipa (twice) after shooting the pics.

The sacrifices we make... 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fermenting Chamber

Since we are brewing small batches, we have decided to use food grade plastic conical fermenters. Instead of controlling the temperature of each individually, we will be placing them in a climate controlled room for fermenting. This will room will be for primary and secondary fermentation as well as naturally conditioning and carbonating beer. Its previous life was spent as a floral cooler. FYI it is approximately 14'L x 5'D x 8'H. The HVAC is not installed and the doors are not on yet but here ya go.

Before the header and ceiling panels:

Note my "office" to the right:

After all the panels, but still no doors:

We will be blacking out the glass to prevent light through since the plastic conicals are translucent.

I almost neglected to mention: Eric and John and I went down to Murrietta on July 21 to pick this up - what a nightmare. We were told to bring a 4' x 8' trailer which it did not fit on so we had all these panels and the cooler hanging off and strapped to a little trailer towed behind a Honda Pilot with the large glass doors and the compressor crammed in the back with John while Eric was driving 55 in the slow lane of the 15 fwy... 

It was all rather scary-funny if you know what I mean.