Monday, May 9, 2011

A Brewery Is Born!

Well, not quite yet, but it is definitely past the conception stage. Eric and I are finally doing what everyone has been telling us to do for years: We are going professional. We will be opening a small batch brewery somewhere local to us within the immediate future. Thanks for the encouragement and support everyone!

We have just completed and received our LLC and are currently looking for a physical site so we can start the brewers application process. We are also looking at some new 2-3 bbl systems which we will order as soon as we do secure a site.

Until that time arrives, I will continue to brew with my 1/3 bbl setup. I have started to refine recipes and been throwing beers at people left and right for tastes and consumption. As a homebrewer, I will be done with my annually allotted 200 gallons pretty quickly here so hopefully we can get in a location and get started fairly soon.

We will keep you updated as things progress...

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